For Sale - Commercial, Office, Shop

The one shape that defines symmetry, perfection and balance is our inspiration for building a commercial project par excellence – the square. With Guardian Square, we bring you one of the best business spaces in Pune.
A project that is balanced with quality construction on one side and classy interiors on the other; with a prime location on one side and great connectivity on the other, like the four sides of a square. Built with precision, this is the ultimate solution to all your business requirements.
• 1 Showroom
• 3530 sq.ft.
• 1 Office
• 2851 sq.ft.
• 2 Office
• 2759 sq.ft.
• 3 Office
• 2851 sq.ft.
• 4 Office
• 2759 sq.ft.
• 5 Office
• 2851 sq.ft.

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